RC Euro Master Course Testimonials from Students
* Past Performance is no indication of future results.

1) Hi Rickey,
I think students who practiced last nite should realize the power of Euro master again. We closed out the long position almost at the peak (just 2 pts away from the day high) and then practiced the OB short. And it did drop dramatically. I believe we all have a good start for the new year and I wish every student can perform well in year 2011. Wish RC sir be healthy and can achieve yr dreams one by one.
Have a happy and prosperous year 2011!

2) Hi Rickey,
Thanks for your holiday wishes. Just want to take the chance to say thank you for the great courses you have taught us, it is a privilege to be able to learn from you.
Happy holidays and take care!

3) Dear Rickey,
Merry X'mas and happy new year.
I will have happy holiday, especially this year because I have leaned a consistent euro master winning strategy from you.


4) Dear Sir,
All I want to say is thank you. I used to be a discretionary trader, trading based on candlesticks only. I won some time and I lost some time. Though I was winning on average, the results were just mediocre, far from satisfying. The worse thing is, my mental state was in a very bad condition when trading. I tried to trade more mechanically, but I think by using the common indicators like MA or RSI would give me no edge.

After continuously searching, I found the courses you teach, finally, that combine all the advantages. Mechanical enough yet with powerful edge. Developing one's trading edge is probably one of the most important tasks in mastering trading. I believe that the edge should be measurable, in other words, one has to know how much profit can be made with this edge. I talked to some fellow traders recently, each of them has his own edge. Compared with yours, I could just say, they are all on the wrong path.

After learning the RC Euro Master course, I've done back test many times and I'm doing forward test now. Since the system is so powerful, I'm not in a hurry at all to trade right now. I believe by applying the proper position sizing, my trading goals could be achieved sooner than I used to think.

Thanks again and have a nice holiday,

5) Hi Rickey,
Thanks for sharing, it's good to hear other student's sucess story. I would also like thank you for the Euro class. I have also been winning for the last 2 weeks, even though not much yet since I am still not psychologically ready to put more money into the market, but I know that more backtest and practice will boost my confidence and eventually I can just relax and trade and be profitable consistently. Anyway, thanks again for the fantastic Euro and ES classes. Profitable trading!

6) Hi Rickey,
I am very happy about using M and during backtesting, as it provides a very good chance to sleep earlier, and of course better health. Thanks for all this hard work, very well received!
Thanks and regards,

7) 張老師:
謝謝你的教導。最近我入市標普及歐羅賺了,雖然賺得不多,但我相信新手入市,重要的是熟習技巧,利用老師創辦交易系統的優勢,運用恰當的入市策略,賺取利潤的機會一定更高。 我本身讀文,對投資認識很少,以前多買本地藍籌股。有一次從投資雜誌的訪問,知道張永安自創的標普交易系統排行在榜首達一年之久,又有人願意支付超過一百萬購買,當時心想,真厲害! 想不到竟然有緣跟張老師學習,真的獲益良多。整個課程設計很完善,理論課講解清晰詳細,例子充實,課後作業足夠,又有跟進學習,實時指導等,是最好的投資課程!若不是老師您傾囊相授,我絕不可能懂得投資標普及歐羅,謝謝! 希望徦以時日,我也可以做一個全職的投資者。
student C

8) Hi Rickey Sir,
Last night I also take profit at around 1121 of about 400pips, the winning is simple and easy, the M indicator is excellent (Magic Indicator??)
Thank you and good health!

9) Hi Rickey,
Thanks for the Master Course last night. In terms of timing, i think we can shorten the time for 1D and lengthen the time for other conditions such as VAN(3) as it's a bit different from other conditions. Regarding M, judging from last night's material, it's very powerful. I think the most powerful part is u know when to stop and do the reverse trade. I have done some BTs using A1/B2 only and so far, I could found some strategies with very high hit rate(85-95%) and p/l ratio(10x). However, how to exit remains the most difficult part. M provides a good indicator for the exit. In addition, it's not easy to use A1/B2 as re-entry but M gives a good signal. The must stop seems better than RC 89 as it may not lead u to loss. Most of time, it leads u to profit taking. That's most important. Of course, I am not familiar with 89 and hence could not give a complete/fair picture/comment on it. So far, I would say RC Euro is very powerful. Even with A1/B2, u could find some trades with good hit rate and p/l. It's also easier to learn. Unlike RC89, there are 7 indicators to monitor and each of them is important. With Euro Master, there are only 4 in total. So the combination would be much less. I am very excited and glad to learn RC Euro courses(both 1 and Master) and i have to say "Millions Thanks" to you as it's all your effort. Without these, I don't think we can have a such great opportunity. In the coming days, I will do more BT to develop the strategies. I still believe there is room for further enhancement, just like A1/B2.

10) Hi Rickey,
Really thanks for your lesson last night, it was one of the greatest course I had sttended so far. After going back home last night, I go through some backtset exercise and compare with Euro 1 course exercise, I can only say it is quite amazing for M indicator, which seems can catch top/bottom for daily range, it makes trader like "god", can predict every turnaround corner point. Sure no method will be 100% win, but M indicator is already enough. We can avoid some trap in Euro 1 strategy, like in Abnormal case (we long when B2 is -ve), and make you to sure about the big trend is coming. Overbought and Over sold concept is excellent. I still haven't attend RC 89 course at this moment, can't compare with the course, but material in Euro Master course is quite easy to understand. Will feel a bit confuse at the very beginning, after some exercise on class, I can catch it already. Notes is detail this time when compare with Euro 1 course, no problem to read it after lesson, thanks for your effort. 3 hour lesson isn't too long, but reach limit, just like double lesson in University. Entry is easy understand, just Stop is a bit confusing. As there is early stop and must stop concept in this course, my feeling after lesson is use early stop or must stop is quite depends on "feel"/mood. Not like other RC course, there is strict forward exit point for every trade (may be RC 89 are in the same concept), this time we need to consider if you want to early stop with little profit or not. And if we want to get max. benefit of M-indicator, we need to watch the market continuously and may need to sleep later~~ Regardings tuition fee, I can just say it worth every penny paid! No comment on high or low as buyer always want to pay less. It is acceptable for me. The Voice over recording is much much better than expected, as you said you are in poor condition to record the lesson. I can clearly hear every word recorded and almost same level as other video recording course.! Take care on your body condition as we still want to learn more and more from you, not only in Euro course, may be other ES or FX course in future. Will work hard on back-test exercise and hope to use M-indicator as soon as possible as I want to earn back all tuition fee and go for RC 89. Definitely will ask if I encounter any question on back-test exercise.
Best Regards,

11) Dear Rickey,
My comment as below:
1. Worth to learn
I think many of us are attracted by the 1-year backtest result, 52,956 small points (i.e. around HK$400,000 per contract) and profit factor of 8.65. Although it's not indication of future result, history always repeats itself. Tuition fee of HK$50,000 is relative low,
2. Easy to use
Mainly manipulating two indicators A1 and M is enough. As compared to RC89 where we need to check ABC, ES, NQ, DJI, AD, key levels, cross, etc., life becomes much easier with M.
3. Uncertain in reality
Although the backtest result is so promising, real time trading is another story especially EC moves much faster than ES. I really hope that with the edge of having M and the simplicity of its usage, we can really coach by ourselves in real time and move to a higher level.

12) 昨晚學了REMC覺得比較RC89較易學,優勢並不會比RC89遜色多少,關於課程上50個例子可能多了些,留多少時間給同學門發問應該會較好,至於收費真的平了些,因M真的很勁,但最可惜M每月得15天睇, 對一些全職的學生來講,一個月開15日功未免少了些,可能的話,最好可以全月都供應M的DATA,相信這是大多數同學的心聲,人生苦短,做多5天,即可以早5年退休,享受人生。

13) Hi Rickey Sir,
Thanks for your generous teaching last night.
1. The M indicator can be easily understood with numerous examples.
2. I think the three hours duration is very comfortable but I would suggest that a few example can be excluded and in return leave the last half-hour for quiry session.
3. I think the Euro Master course is very comparable to RC89, and using the M indicator seems to be easier and more simple.
4. I think after enough backtest, I should be very confidence in using the M indicator, even more then the RC89 because it is easier to understand and to sleep early (of course with profit is better) is my target since I had felt quite a bit influence to my health and family after months of trading until 1500.
5. I think the course fee is a bit low in comparison with its POWER, resaonablly the price may be set as the same with RC89 or even higher since it is profitable within shorter timeframe. I also think that the Master student should also pass your "CV" or "Resume" screening before teaching.
6. I have already start the M indicator backtest this morning and I really wish I can use the indicator as early as possible, is it possible to start using it in November?
Thanks again and wish you all the best with good health!

14) The logic is very simple to follow since it is a refinement / optimization to previous logic. We walked through 1/5 of 1 year data last night. My feeling is that winning is really so easy. I have to go through the remaining backtest to confirm. If winning is so easy, I should be very happy. But, meanwhile, I felt
- such winning is not out of myself. I stole your skill only
- worry the life cycle of such strategy won’t be long. Since it’s easy to follow, many people buy/sell and exit at the same time. Just like HSI strategy, the opportunity to practice is less and the winning % is dropped now.
- I cannot sleep before 12 since I have to closely monitor M to exit the trade.
- yes, I am very serious to win this game. I try to analysis the relationship of A & B recently. e.g. compare the value of B with similar A to check the trend, whenever A change to new day high / low, check whether B follow the same pace. I try to incorporate the aforesaid analysis with M last night. It seems my recent analysis is useless. I have to check it this weekend.
Thanks for your incredible sharing to us!

15) Dear Rickey,
I feel the Master course is much powerful than Euro course. When there is OB & OS we will get loss with Euro course but now we may win all the time with master course.... Indicator m is so powerful like RC 9, but easy to use than RC9 & can make more profit..... so the price of the course is low....
Thanks for giving chance & offer to us to learn! Take care!