RC Gold Futures Course Testimonials from Students
* Past Performance is no indication of future results.

1) Hi Rickey,
First of all, I really want to say "Thank you for teaching me such a great course!".
I've been checking my notes to think and review every single night after the market close, by following your strategy, my result was win only (my POE included all the commission) .
The first 5 days were amazing not only you teach me how to win, but win with confident.
I did a comparison between yours and my existing strategy ( a very stupid one).:
i) for the trend is big down, , my existing strategy is try to wait and long at the bottom. However, I don't know where is the bottom, so, I may have to wait for the whole night and no trade.
ii) for the trend is big down, I may short very late. Luckily, I win few pts. But most of the time, I lose very quick, simply, I short at the bottom.
iii) for up and down market, it's where I lose big money. Because I set my stop from 3 to 5 pts, or set at the next support or resist, it get hit most of the time.
iv) Because I don't have any edge, all the trade is by guess. I only want to trade as safe as I can, so, for almost half year, I've been trading 1 order per night. And I close the position when win a few pts only.
v) I spend long time to wait for a GOOD price to short or long, so, my trading hours are varies from 7 or 8 pm to next morning. For the last whole weeks, I was able to have dinner comfortably with my family, teach my daughter's home work and slept well (because no order is pending to close while sleeping)
There are still lots of stupid strategy for my existing method, anyway, it's time to say goodbye and focus in your method.
I really want to tell everyone, never trade without an edge, waste money waste time.
Once again, Thanks so much!

2) Hi Rickey,
The course is unbeatable. i just hv time to print all the backtest from the CD & may start to do it tonight. Will tell you more how I feel after the backtest. The logic behind is good & most important - safe. I hv been in gold trading everyday for the past 3 years & could say yr approach really works for Gold trading and the way you break it down to 3 levels captures difference chances of winning & greatly increase the winning rate. But you may wish to elaborate more for the new students, ie those havn't take Euro before.
Look forward to the Gold Master course!
Best regards,

3) Dear Rickey Sir,
The course note is tidy and detail. After finishing the course, I have much confident on trading Gold Future. Overall the course is detail and clear. In case of High Level, the priority of 2 bars up down one level or OB/OS need to elaborate more. Comparing to Euro 1, Gold 1 have one more indicator-GA2, but the condition and strategy are refine. We could be more relax during trading. It is a great course. Thanks for your teaching.

4) Hi Rickey,
Thanks for your teaching and effort in Gold 1 Course. Really happy I hadn't missed this course on last sat.
The notes is details, student can self-study by just reading through the notes, it should be very easy to understand, specially for Euro 1 and Euro Master student. Compared with Euro 1, Gold 1 course seems get better edge and I feel it should be in the middle between Euro 1 and Euro Master, expecting for Gold Master Course will be also more powerful than Euro Master. I had finished all back-test in next day, Rickey handwritten explanation on backtest just like another lesson for me, easy to find out logic and the idea. Some logic or stop method seems hadn't mentioned in class, but used in bactest answer, may be I just missed it on class, will go for review next time, but still can find out from the model answer. Rickey explain more on the indicator logic (not about the indicator make-up), one for big trend, one for small trend and one for confirmation, then we can understand the strategies easily and even can apply the same logic to think about Euro strategies too, this is definitely a bonus for me.
I am happy to learn this Gold course to diversify my day trade, to make it more consistant.

5) Hello Rickey,
Thanks for the RC Gold Course, I think it will be another fantastic course like the Euro. I am currently doing the backtesting for RC Gold. And I would love to join the Gold Master in the very near future. Thanks.
Best Regards,

6) Dear RC,
Thank you for the class first. It is really a fantastic time for me. I can't imagine before I entered to the classroom that the strategies are quite simple and straight forward. Even I haven't learnt RC Euro, I can catch the RC Gold logic effectively. For me, the example is enough to illustrate the logic and strategies. And I just do a few backtest today and I found there are many room and area for us to explore. The best thing is not only you teach us the logic and strategies, you also teach how to thinking logically. So I am in confidence to find out more strategies with good logic. And I'm so excited for the short learning curve of RC Gold compared to RC89. (Sorry). The RC Gold indicators are also concise and easy to understand. Of course, it is my pleasure to join Gold Master course if you think I am suitable for learning. Thank you and wish all the best to you.

7) Thanks RC Sir for your RC Gold course.
I did enjoy the course, it has simple strategies but yet very logic and I am sure it is powerful and I am very confident about it (of course must be after my own backtest.) I think it has an even better edge than RC Euro 1. I think It has more convincing logic and it suit the recent volatility of the gold market. I am desperately looking forward to the Gold Master Course and wish the join it ASAP.
thanks and good health!

8) Hi Rickey,
Thanks for offering the RC Gold Futures course, I really appreciate your structural and logical teaching style. It let me, a Gold Futures newbie, to understand more about the Gold market. Below are my feedback.
1) Its quite different from previous course, ES for example, we use level to guide either long or short entries. But for Gold normal case, we focus in waiting for short when it's +ve +ve or vice versa. Or unless there's a priority long/short entry.
2) Using the 14-page examples, I have done a quick and dirty backtest by using 2 bars GB2 +2xxx to long or 2 bars -2xxx to short with an early stop of 3 bars down 1 level. The win is 57%, no trade 35%, loss 7%. The winning point is 80+ points and lossing point is only 3 points. Seems GB2 is able to catch and ride with big trend. Certainly, more backtest should be done for further verification.
3) For Gold master, I believe it would be another excellent course. I would try if there is chance. Thanks,R C ) Hi Sir, Thanks for your teaching again, I think overall is easy-to-learn as before, but you may elaborate more about "when to stop" in the class. I will join the GOLD master class once it is available.

9) Dear Mr. Cheung,
The GC class is great! It was very well presented. If students have attended Euro 1 & Euro Master before like me, I think they will find the course very easy to understand. Of course, backtest is still a must. I will apply to take the Gold master course. By the way, I will temporarily stop the RC9 practice for a short period of time, because recently my daytime work is quite busy. RC89 have definite edges and I hope I can resume soon.
Best wishes,

10) Hi Rickey
很高興能參與這次的課程,或許我沒有參加過euro1,上課時都不是完全明白,不過若細心溫習筆記,已能解決了不少問題。HSI課程對我來說比較容易明白,因為裏面沒有秘密,明白了整個邏輯,策略也較容易記得和理解。不過我相信黃金課程做過back test後便會熟習。但今次只有14個例子,如果多些例子也許更好,尤其是high level的OB/OS,那是我花了比較多時間才明白的。也許我是理解能力較差,反應也較慢的人,始終上課時是很快的全部講一次,之前完全沒有概念便要慢慢消化,也未必第一時間想到有什麼不明白,所以筆記對我來說便很重要,若筆記可以再詳細一點,以後也就不用浪費你們太多時間回覆我的問題。若果開了大師級課程,又得到你的批准,我是必定會參加的。再一次謝謝你的教導!

11) Hi Rickey,
Thank you for teaching the GC 1 course. It is another excellent with strong edge course. The course is well structure, with good logic and easy to understand. Thank you. I would like to join the Gold master course and ready to join anytime. Any future courses similar to Euro master/Gold master, I want to join as well. If you have HSI master course with OB/OS in the future, it would be great.
Thank you.

12) Hi Rickey,
Nice to meet you too. Congratulations for your another successful launch of the new Gold training class.
Enjoy your weekend.